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Blogger Miykael L'Ange said...

To James and any other members of the Padley family to which it may concern,

I am Miykael.
First of all, I want you to know that I don't appreciate what you've done here... You have taken a copyrighted picture of me that belongs to the village theater that I worked with. Not only is that illegal, it's also violating to my personal space.

You have claimed that my mother has lied and withheld your love from me out of selfishness. I am strongly inclined to doubt either of these things. You want to know why? Because I have never asked for any details concerning my Padley bloodline from her. She has told me very little about you guys because I didn't want to know about you. She also made it very clear during my childhood that I was always allowed to ask about you and joe if I had any questions, and that if I ever wanted to contact him, she would make sure that I could.

 In fact, most of the information I've gotten about Joseph and his criminal activity before I looked it up myself was given to me by Jon Morgan, against my mothers permission. Jon also claimed that Joseph had beaten my mother, and my grandmother had seen bruises, but like the rest of the information, I didn't ask to learn about it, and my mother has never discussed this with me in detail. The irony here, which I'm sure you can appreciate, is that he told me this as justification for beating me and my mother, claiming that his actions were nowhere near as bad as the ones my biological father committed.

You have never met me once, nor do you know who I am as an individual, and I find it insulting that you would speak of me as though I am deprived and ought to have some sort of intimacy with you and your family. My father, Joseph, has also never had any part of my memories or life. And the reasons for this are stated very clearly in public records. My father was incarcerated for check fraud and mail fraud, and was involved in organized criminal activity. He was also an illegal substance abuser, and dealer. He skipped bail and fled the country. Had he stayed, he would have been out of jail in five years on good behavior.

Five years... He could have been apart of my life from the age of seven. I think it's very clear from this information that he didn't care enough about me to take responsibility like a grown adult and parent should. I'm sure he loved me, but his choices were not those of a loving father, and certainly not the choices of a father who is worthy of the love he could have gotten from me. I grew up without him because HE chose to give me that kind of life. Stop pushing the blame onto my mother.

Further more, I don't know you, and I don't want to. It's been fifteen years... Move on with your lives. I had to. All I want is to live my life better than my father did. I want to not have to worry about people like you negatively affecting me when I don't have any real connection to you whatsoever. You're my family by blood, but not my family in my heart. Leave me alone.

I believe I have been very clear and to the point. The picture doesn't belong to you, please remove it, and the pages you posted it on. I don't care if you don't like my mother, she is not the reason I don't have a relationship with Joseph and you. The only people you have to blame for that are Joe and Jon because of their choices to disrespect people and engage in criminal activity. And I want you to stop wasting both your and my time trying to integrate yourselves into my life. I want to be able to use the Internet without being stalked by you like a bunch of obsessive trolls. Please, if you really feel that much love for me, just leave me alone.

6:59 PM  
Blogger Mattio said...

oh dang, that was awesome... good for you, Miykael!

9:11 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

That wasn't from Miykael, it was Star...same poison as always... Some day Miykael will know the truth, he is almost an adult.
Tom and I have never done anything to be robbed of our grandson knowing us.
Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatever you plant that you will also receive .
Praying for the truth to come to light.
Bapa and I love you Miykael and have prayed for you, your mother. You can get in touch with me on Facebook.

2:35 PM  
Blogger Kathy said...

We have not seen you since you we're 4 months old, even though we found out later you lived a short distance from Nana and Pop's home.
Nana is in her late 70's and Pop 85,
They pray for you faithfully.
You said we don' know you, you are right....we have never been permitted to know you. I would love to know who you are, your interests, to tell you how much you look like you cousins Josiah and Asaph.
Your brother and sister want to know you.
I do love you,

2:49 PM  

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